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retailer sites and apps

On our flexible and open platform, you can build any kind of digital experience across every channel.

+500M in revenue
for clients

Audience Reach




A winning strategy for companies and merchants

Retail Media enables merchants to reach customers with relevant ads near the digital point of sale via retailer and marketplace websites and apps.


A new approach to a changing retail industry

Efficient targeting

Reach out to customers who have a strong desire to buy.

Powered with AI

AI assists us in selecting the optimal placements and audience, which improves user experiences and results.

In-house technology

Our technology was developed to strengthen the bond between retailers and brands.


Our approach is designed to help advertisers get optimal outcomes with assured ROas.


Be where the product searches start

Brands can raise their visibility on the "digital shelf," which functions similarly to an end cap or special in-aisle feature in a physical store. Ads can be presented on the home page, category page, search page, or product detail page to target consumers at various stages of their trip.

Boost your views

Brandformance initiatives (CPC) are excellent for increasing brand recognition while reaching secondary commercial objectives.

Boost your sales

Performance campaigns (CPA) are created and optimized to produce the greatest conversions while spending the least amount.

Boost your database

Lead Generation Campaigns (CPL) that help you build a bigger client base while maximizing your investment.

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