Last updated: July 2023 

We understand that you may have concerns and questions regarding our crawler, Aibo Agency_crawler/1.0, crawling your site. We want to assure you that our intentions are transparent and focused on providing valuable benefits to both you as a publisher and the advertisers we serve. 

First and foremost, it’s essential to emphasize that we do not drop cookies or attempt to track or append browsing behavior to individual users in any way. In fact, as a company, Aibo Agency doesn’t utilize cookies at all. Our primary goal is to integrate seamlessly into major programmatic Platforms (DSPs/SSPs/Exchanges) and offer advertisers the opportunity to purchase advertising on professional, well-maintained, and relevant content—much like the content you produce. 

Aibo Agency has been at the forefront of the programmatic industry since 2011, providing advertisers with valuable insights to make informed advertising decisions. 

Enabling our crawler to access your site offers several significant benefits to you as a publisher. By allowing us access, you enable the maximum number of advertisers to confidently purchase advertising space on your pages. Our comprehensive data insights help advertisers understand the suitability and context of your content, ensuring that their ads align with your audience’s interests and needs. This alignment leads to improved user experiences, increased engagement, and ultimately, higher revenue potential for your publication. 

Moreover, our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality means that our crawler focuses exclusively on professional, trustworthy content. Your site, as a reputable publisher, falls into this category. By enabling our crawler, you enhance the visibility of your site to advertisers who value and seek out such quality content. 

Thank you for considering the advantages and opportunities that come with enabling our crawler. We firmly believe that our collaboration will not only benefit your publication but also contribute to a more efficient and effective advertising ecosystem. 

When crawling your site, Aibo Agency_crawler/1.0 seeks out a file called “robots.txt” which website administrators can place at the top level of a site to direct the behavior of web crawling robots. Website administrators can allow or disallow specific robots from visiting part or all of their site.  

For more information regarding robots, crawling, and robots.txt visit the Web Robots Pages at, an excellent source for the latest information on the Standard for Robots Exclusion. 

We understand the importance of protecting your content and ensuring your trust in our services. If you have any other questions, please feel free to set up time to speak with us. 

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